Tips to Healthy Snacking


Tips to Healthy Snacking

Eating the right food is as important as exercising in order to maintain a fit and healthy body. We tend to eat unhealthy all the time and lose control over proper eating habits. Unhealthy snacking is another problem as we eat between meals and make a mess out of the good digestion process. We share with you some healthy snacks options that can be incorporated in your daily life and also help retain a good food habit.

  • Nuts

These are the sources of natural fats, fibre and vitamin E. Keep an assorted nut platter handy in case you get hungry between meals.

  • Egg whites and Spinach

These make for excellent breakfasts as well as a healthy snack. Avoid the oil by baking them and with a little bit of seasoning, you have yourself a healthy snack.

  • Fruits

One of the best options for healthy snacking, fruits not only fills your stomach, but also is the source of vitamins and minerals.

  • Veggies

A simple vegetable salad consisting of carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, etc with a vinegar dressing makes for an ideal snack.

  • Popcorn

Cut that butter and popcorn is in your menu of healthy snacks.

  • Oatmeal

It’s a protein packed snack or breakfast and fills you up.

  • Almond milk or coconut milk

Try to substitute milk with these. They are rich in protein and low on fat and carbohydrates.

  • Yogurt

A source of calcium and vitamins, normal or flavoured yogurt is your go-to snack.

  • Granola Bar

A tasty energy bar loaded with nutty goodness makes for healthy snacking.

  • Hummus

This classic chickpea dip goes with most savoury dishes and is rich in protein. Instead of your regular mayonnaise or cheesy dips, a flavoured hummus dip says healthy snacking.

  • Pancakes

Make your pancakes without milk and sugar. You can add banana, oatmeal, apple along with egg and choice of topping (read fruit) and viola! Your healthy snack is ready!

  • Dark chocolate

Surprising as this may sound, dark chocolate is an antioxidant and has many other health benefits. Purchase bars that are 50% or more cocoa.

  • Avocado 

Make a salad with avocado, fresh cilantro, tomatoes, lemon juice and some seasoning. It is a source of protein and a healthy snack.

As you can see there are tons of ways to snack healthier! You just need to know which is best for you and start a wholesome and nourishing diet.