Royal Ascot 2018: First day of races sees merry women let loose in leg-baring outfits

Royal Ascot 2018 began today, with the first day of the races seeing women step out in light coloured and floral attire to enjoy the day.

Many of the women seemed to be having a great time at the races, making merry in front of the cameras.

One racegoer even picked her friend up who collapsed into a fit of laughter.

The woman picking her friend up was barefoot on the concrete ground, having taken her shoes off, and wore a white floral dress.

Her friend whom she picked up wore a canary yellow dress with a pair of pointy bright pink heels.

This was paired with a bright yellow headdress which made her stand out.

Another woman posed like a glamorous Hollywood movie star with one leg up.

She wore a long pale blue floaty dress with a corset like top which had side cut-outs to bare her waist.

While pastel colours dominated, one woman bucked the trend in a bright blue, purple and pink ensemble.

She wore a bright turquoise dress with an exotic floral design.

It was paired with a purple choker style necklace and a large purple hat.

The woman also carried a bright pink clutch and wore bright pink open strappy sandals.

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