Poundland: Twin Peaks chocolate bar returns with new look after Toblerone controversy

Chocolate lovers will be delighted to hear that the budget-friendly treat Twin Peaks will return to shelves on Friday.

As the sweet milk chocolate snack makes its comeback across the UK, a brand new white chocolate edition will also be released.

The chocolate bar, which is set to retail at £1, will debut a whole new shape.

Rather than its former design consisting of two pyramids per section, Twin Peaks now features a slope which alternates in each segment.

The bars will still be produced by Birmingham-based chocolatiers, Walkers Chocolate, with the same recipe as last year.

Making a nod at the local area in which it was produced, the design is intended to represent the different heights of Shropshire’s Wrekin and Ercall hills.

Poundland Trading Controller, Chris Burns said: “We’re delighted that Twin Peaks will become a permanent part of our range from next month – and we can’t wait for our customers to try both flavours.”

The white chocolate version will initially be in limited supply, with its nationwide roll-out set to begin on October 12.

Last year, Twin Peaks saw record-breaking sales as it became Poundland’s fastest-selling item since the chain’s launch back in 1990.

With a limited run of 500,000 units at the time, the chocolate bar flew off the shelves and was later found for sale online at 15 times its retail price.

The £1 alternative came in at 180g, and will continue to be sold in the same size this year.

Earlier this month, there was even more good news for chocoholics, after it was claimed a small amount of the snack could be good for sleep.

Nutrition expert Sophie Medlin, of King’s College London, told how the high level of amino acid tryptophan could be linked with a restful slumber.

“Tryptophan is the biggest influence on melatonin levels, an important hormone which controls our sleep patterns,” she said.

“So a hot chocolate drink or a little bit of chocolate before bed is actually really good for sleep, so long as you don’t over-indulge.”

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