Poundland set to sell 'copycat' Toblerone after settled legal dispute

Discount chain Poundland can now sell its Twin Peaks bar after settling a three-month legal dispute.

The new bar differs from Toblerone because each segment has two pyramids instead of one and boasts one-fifth more chocolate.

Its shape has a British influence as Twin Peaks is based on Wrekin and Ercall hills in Shropshire, while Swiss-made Toblerone is inspired by the Alps.

The settlement also involves changing the colour of the wrapper to turquoise as Toblerone makers Mondelez complained that the original was similar to theirs. 

Twin Peaks will sell for the same £1 price as the Toblerone but is 30g heavier.

Chris Burns, Poundland’s trading controller, said: “We’re pleased customers will finally get to taste our Twin Peaks.” 

The row started after Poundland, based in Willenhall, West Midlands, launched its bar to take advantage of a reduction in Toblerone size and a widening of the spaces.

Mondelez said: “We are glad that we have reached a solution.

“Poundland has put 500,000 bars on sale.”

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