Meghan Markle: Prince Harry’s fiancee ‘tones down’ make-up for regal look, expert claims

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement at the end of the year. 

The Prince, 33, and his 36-year-old Suits star fiancee will tie the knot in May, and it seems Meghan will be enjoying a more demure look on her wedding day. 

The star has toned down her beauty regime since hooking up with Harry, an expert has claimed. 

Bridgette Softley, Co-Director of Nouveau Lashes, said: ‘Since becoming the latest addition to the Royal family, Meghan has noticeably toned down her beauty regime to be in keeping with her new demure regal look. 

“Whilst previously Meghan showed a preference for strip lashes and lash extensions, she now opts for a more natural look.”

Looking back at pictures of the LA-born actress, it would seem the star has toned down her make-up regime. 

She opted for an almost bare-faced look recently in Wales, with a lick of mascara and barely-there foundation. 

Could this be a precursor for the wedding? The young Hollywood star is already set to break with tradition; Meghan Markle make a speech herself, rather than her dad speaking. 

The US actress’s speech, thought to have Harry’s backing, will include an affectionate tribute to her Prince, along with thanks to the Queen, family and friends.

Ms Markle’s father Thomas, 73, a former Hollywood lighting director and intensely private person, is expected to walk her down the aisle but is thought less likely to give a speech.

A source said: “The feeling is that if Meghan’s father doesn’t speak for her, she wants to have the chance to thank her husband and everyone who has supported them.

“Harry thinks that this is a great idea.”

The couple will marry at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19.

Bridgette has recommended a treatment fit for the soon-to-be Princess. 

She said: “The Nouveau Lashes LVL Enhance is the perfect treatment to naturally enhance the eye, featuring a lift to open up the eye and a tint to add some subtle drama. 

“This is a great low-maintenance option for the Princess-to-be, with results lasting up to 6 weeks Meghan can be confident that she looks camera-ready for all upcoming royal engagements.”

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