Lemon drizzle is Britain’s best-loved cake

The tangy treat was named by 40 per cent of Britons polled, followed by chocolate fudge cake (38 per cent) and carrot cake (37 per cent).

A US-import, chocolate brownies came fourth, named by 36 per cent, leaving the classic Victoria sponge fifth with 35 per cent.

The survey of 2,000 people found the typical Briton enjoys a slice of cake three times a week, and 77 per cent say they are “cake lovers”.

The best time of day to eat cake is 3pm – preferably in a coffee shop with friends.

Yet the poll, commissioned by Protein World, found a downside to the nation’s sweet tooth, with 38 per cent admitting to feeling guilty after indulging.

The average Briton consumes 237 calories a day in sweet treats.

The study also revealed that we truly are a nation of home bakers with seven in 10 saying they enjoy making cakes themselves.

Protein World’s Emma Frain said: “To meet the needs of time-poor, cake-loving Brits who don’t want to pile on the pounds every time they reach for a slice, Protein World has developed a new range of low-calorie baking mixes, meaning the nation really can have their cake and eat it.”

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