Kate Middleton’s wedding dress had this SECRET feature to make her waist look smaller

Kate Middleton wore an Alexander McQueen wedding dress for her big day, when she wed Prince William in 2011. 

The stunning gown was created by head designer Sarah Burton, and it featured a corset and pretty floral lace sleeves.

The dress was made from both white and ivory satin, and Britons speculated about the dress the Duchess would wear for months before the royal wedding.

There was one extra clever hidden detail of the wedding dress designed to boost the slender brides’ curves.

The dress was designed with some extra padding around the hips to accentuate the narrow waist of the corset.

It was reported in the Telegraph that the padding was added as a nod to the Victorian style corsetry that inspires the Alexander McQueen brand.

Custom heels were also created for the Duchess to wear, with the same lace that featured on the bodice.

The lace was from the Royal School of Needlework, very appropriately for the royal bride.

Kate Middleton had a second wedding dress for the reception on her big day.

The second gown was also created by Alexander McQueen, and had a sleeveless corset with a bejewelled belt.

It was completely with a pretty full circle skirt and was rendered in satin. 

To keep warm she added a delicate furry stole. Kate also restyled her hair into a bouncy blow dry and applied more dark eye make-up.

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