Is Meghan Markle’s engagement ring really cheaper than Princess Eugenie’s?

Princess Eugenie, 27, was given a stunning pink sapphire and diamond ring by her fiance Jack Brooksbank earlier this week.

It wasn’t long before comparisons were drawn between her ring and Meghan Markle’s, who became engaged to Prince Harry in November.

Many commented on the fact that the looks remarkably similar to Sarah Ferguson’s engagement ring. 

One expert valued it at £7,000.

She told the Mail Online: “Princess Eugenie’s ring features an oval cut padparadscha sapphire encircled with a cluster of pear-shaped diamonds. 

“Padparadscha sapphires are typically found in Sri Lanka and are one of the rarest colour of sapphire, being a beautiful and unique mix of pink and orange.

“The ring style that Jack has chosen Eugenie is reminiscent of the engagement ring Sarah Ferguson was given by Eugenie’s father, Prince Andrew.”

However, a second has claimed the ring is worth around £100,000 – double what she claims Meghan’s ring is worth.

Gemologist Deborah Papas, from Prestige Pawnbrokers, told the Sun Online: “Like her mother, the Duchess of York and indeed Princess Diana, Eugenie’s ring has a centre oval precious gemstone and this one certainly has not disappointed.

“With its carefully faceted cut and the set off with the whitest of white diamonds, this ring could easily be worth over £100,000.”

However, another gemologist told that Meghan’s ring would be worth around £122,500.

He said: “From seeing the pictures, I would estimate that the centre diamond is a slightly elongated cushion cut diamond, approximately 3.00 – 4.00 carats. The side diamonds are more than likely oval or round cut diamonds about 0.75 carats each.

“We would estimate that the value of the centre stone would be around £70,000 – £115,000, while the side stones would have an intrinsic value of around £3,750 each.”

So whose ring is worth more? It’s hard for an expert to know without carefully examining both rings – and the royals have kept the price tag secret for now. 

How much is Kate Middleton’s engagement ring worth now? 

The ring was originally bought for Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, and cost an eye-watering £28,500 when it was initially purchased.

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