How effective is the calories in calories out method for weight loss?


How effective is the calories in calories out method for weight loss?

What is a CICO method?

Basically, calories in calories out method for weight loss refers to attaining a negative energy balance in your body. Categorically speaking, it is when the body is utilizing more energy or calories than its intake through food and fluids. As simple as it may sound, CICO is not that simple a method. There are many factors affecting the loss or gain of calories in our bodies. Although many people have tried the calories in calories out method for weight loss, it may not be the best option for everyone if followed blindly. There are certain details to be studied in order to successfully lose weight.

Estimate calories in calories out for a body

  1. What are you eating?

Our food intake goes through the entire process of digestion in order to release calories. Again, each step of digestion and other functions that follow requires a separate quantity of energy or calories known as Thermal Effect of Food (TEF). TEF is different for proteins, carbs and fats out of which protein has the highest. So, it does not really depend on how much calories you are taking in a day, but on the type of food you are eating.

  1. How are your calories utilized?

This depends on a lot of factors. The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the indispensible energy loss suffered by a body. Other than that, your exercising routine, duration, non-exercising routine, job patterns, activeness, etc has direct impact on your daily calorie loss.

Is CICO effective?

As mentioned above, for two people with the same calorie intake and same kind of physical activity can have different weight loss patterns. What kind of food is being eaten is more important than the quantity of it. The effectiveness of CICO is very relative, although not completely ruled out. Good results can be acquired with the help of a nutritionist.

CICO and Weight Loss

Calories being the foundation of every weight loss plan can be tricky to handle. Each body type is different and the ways of processing different kinds of food is also very different. In order to maintain the desired calorie loss each day, physical activity is also necessary. The calories in calories out method for weight loss has been doing its rounds as potential weight loss method for a long time, but different people are of different opinion regarding this. Consult your nutritionist and see for yourself how your body responds to it.