Camilla Parker Bowles’ royal jewels including the Queen Mother’s gems she loves to wear

Camilla Parker Bowles, 70, and Prince Charles, 69, married in 2005, after the Prince, the first in line to the British throne, proposed with his grandmother, the Queen Mother’s ring.

Since she has worn many pieces from the Prince and some that belonged to the Queen Mother. explored the jewellery worn by Camilla over the years.

The engagement ring

The enormous central square cut diamond has three diamond baguettes on either side. It is a huge statement ring, which Camilla wears with a modest gold wedding band.

The ring has an art deco design and is said to be one of the most valuable in the whole of the royal collection. 

The Diamond Collet Necklace

This stunning royal necklace was worn by the Queen Mother on her husband George VI’s coronation in 1937. A collet setting is a type of setting for a jewel which secures it in place with small parts of precious metal secured over the gem.

The necklace features old cut diamonds, a vintage cut before more modern diamond cutting practices, an initially had 40 diamonds. It was reportedly commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1858 with jewels from two badges of the Order of the Garter and the hilt of a sword.

However, it has since been cut down to 31 for a more modern and wearable look. Camilla has worn the necklace in this style.

The Greville Tiara

This stunning tiara is one of a number of pieces passed down to the Queen Mother from a wealthy socialite the Hon. Mrs. Greville, along with the piece described below.

The tiara was made by Boucheron in 1921 from stones taken from another headpiece. The tiara initially did not have the three peak details on the top of the tiara. These were attended by the Queen Mother. Camilla is most often seen wearing this tiara, so it could be assumed it is her favourite. 

The Greville Festoon Necklace

This enormous necklace matches the magnitude of the Greville tiara. The necklace has five strands of diamonds, and Camilla has worn the necklace and tiara together to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Banquet in Kampala, Uganda on November 23, 2007.

The Queen Mother’s Amethyst Heart Necklace

This piece may remind some of the heart-shaped piece of jewellery in the blockbuster Titanic. Camilla wore the huge amethyst to the Royal World Premiere of James Bond film Skyfall at Royal Albert Hall on October 23, 2012.

The necklace is made the purple quartz and pearls and was a gift to the Queen Mother at her wedding in 1923 from Queen Alexandra.

The Pink Topaz Demi-Parure

Reportedly a gift from Prince Charles, this necklace features a huge pink topaz, five pearl strands and a diamond clasp. Camilla has owned this piece for over a decade.

The Diamond Serpent Necklace

Another present from her husband in 2001, this necklace in the shape of snake features round and square cut diamonds. 

She wore it at a banquet in Buckingham Palace on October 25, 2005, in London, England. On the same date she wore the Delhi Durbar Tiara, only the third ever public outing for the piece.

Is Camilla Parker Bowles a princess? 

Camilla holds and most often uses the title of Duchess of Cornwall – and Prince Charles in the Duke of Cornwall.

This is a non-hereditary peerage held by the British Sovereign’s eldest son and heir, traditionally.

Other women to hold the title include wife of Henry VIII Catherine of Aragon.

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