Brigitte Macron vs Carla Bruni: Which French President's wife is best dressed?

Brigitte Macron, 64, is the wife of the current French President Emmanuel Macron, 40.

Since her husband won the Presidency last year, Brigitte has been increasingly photographed on various trips around the globe.

Famed for her style, how does she compare to another famous French politician’s wife?

Carla Bruni, 50, has been married to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, 62, since 2008.

Sarkozy was President of France from 2007 – 2002, but Bruni was an international supermodel long before their romance began and is well-known in her own right.

Currently fronting a band, long-legged Carla is famed for her relaxed take on French style.

She favours jeans and blazers, and for evening events is often photographed in skintight leather trousers.

Brigitte is no stranger to leather herself, stepping out in blue leather trousers just this week, as well as classic black versions in the past.

Both women are keen supporters of French fashion houses, with Brigitte often seen carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag or wearing Chanel blazers.

Carla is also a fan of Chanel, and attends Givenchy fashion shows in their clothing too.

While Brigitte is not afraid of colour, Carla shuns anything other than black or dark muted tones.

When it comes to makeup, the women have a different approach.

Carla prefers a low-key look, opting for discrete mascara and a flush of blusher on her cheeks.

Brigitte’s trademark is her smoky black eye makeup which she pairs with nude lipgloss.

But hair is one area the women do overlap, as day-to-day both wear their hair in perfect blowdries. For events, they pull out all the stops with a classic French updo.

Although they each take a slightly different approach, both women are true representatives of classic French style.

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